Project Design & Engineering

Our design experts work with customers to offer solutions to their specific problems.  Our focus is on offering systems that are high quality and user friendly, with fast return on investment, and provide dependable performance for years to come. We work in areas such as material handling, separation, processing, and dust control, offering turn-key systems and facilities.

  • Domestic and International
  • From a single piece of equipment to a turn key facility
  • Material Handling Systems
  • Storage & Warehousing Facilities
  • Separation & Cleaning Systems
  • Further Processing
  • Dust Control Systems

Project Management

No idea, no matter how great, can be realized without effective execution.  Our project managers have the experience to take a concept and turn it into reality quickly and efficiently.  We handle all aspects of project management.  We have found that clear communication is one of the key components to a successful project, and can fill in the gap between the engineering, manufacturing, installation crews, and customers to ensure project completion on schedule and within budget.  We anticipate and resolve potential challenges before they grow.  Our project managers work directly with our customers, offering a single point of contact on even the largest of projects.

Installation Services

While our specific focus is on design, engineering, manufacturing, and project management, we partner with various experts that are experienced in the fields of construction, fabrication, and equipment installation.  Our team of seasoned millwrights know what it takes to complete projects successfully.  Working hand in hand with our project managers, these construction, fabrication, and installation personnel round out our team and allow us to offer completely turn-key solutions for our customers.

  • Damascus Peanut Company – Re-mill Line 
  • Tifton Quality Peanuts – Blanching Plant
  • Douglas Peanut & Grain – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • Peanut Partners – Pioneer Cleaning System & Warehouse Equipment
  • R.L. Cunningham & Sons – Warehouse
  • Suwanee Peanut Company – Warehouse With Dump Pit & Truck Dumper
  • Arabi Peanut Company – Warehouse With Dump Pit & Truck Dumper
  • Southeastern Gin & Peanut – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • Merritt Mechanical – Multiple Locations – Warehouse Equipment
  • Jeff Davis – Pioneer Cleaning System & Warehouse Equipment
  • Carolina Peanut- Warehouse Equipment
  • Palmetto Peanut- Warehouse Equipment
  • Ellenton Peanut Company – Warehouse Equipment With Dump Pit
  • Brooks Peanut- Warehouse Equipment
  • Birdsong – Sylvester- Re-mill Line
  • Birdsong – Blakely – Air Locks
  • Hat Creek – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • TyTy Peanut Company – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • Tifton Quality Peanuts – Super Jumbo Line
  • Luke Peanut & Grain – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • Dixon Farm Supply – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • Tifton Peanut Plant 2 – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • R.L Cunningham & Sons – Dump Pit, Elevator & Dumper
  • Palmetto Peanut – Warehouse Equipment
  • Carolina Peanut – Warehouse Equipment
  • ADM Golden Peanut – Dawson- Shaker
  • Quality Growers – Pioneer Cleaning System & Warehouse
  • McClesky Mills – Warehouse Equipment
  • GFA – Shelling Plant Upgrade
  • Tifton Quality Peanuts – Bulk Load Out
  • Bluffton Peanut – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • Wilco Peanut Company – Pioneer Cleaning System
  • Farmer’s Peanut – Warehouse
  • ADM Golden Peanut Greenwood – Warehouse Updates
  • Canon Garth Enterprises (Spain) – 1 Ton Shelling Plant
  • Growtech Egypt – In-Shell
  • ADM Golden Peanut South Africa – Farmer’s Stock Shaker and Elevators

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